PPI Claims Calculator

PPI Calculator

Imagine receiving a PPI claims payout of £52,851!

If someone said you could have £52,851 in just over a year for 15 minutes work, would you go for it? That’s the total PPI refund that our client William Robb won back inside 14 months and all it took was a PPI calculator and a quarter of an hour to fill out his claim packs!

William Robb - Highest PPI Claims Payout

Mr Robb actually won four separate payouts, including:

£9671.95 in mis sold PPI policy payments refunded by MBNA

£4352.85 extra to cover the 8% interest he could’ve earned in a savings account!

£18,732.86 to cover the interest Mr Robb paid on the PPI policy

£20,051.67 refunded by Mint Card for payments towards a mis sold PPI policy

So far we’ve won back £52,851.30 for William and you don’t need a PPI calculator to work out how wonderful as that is. However, it still shocks us to think that his lenders were prepared to take that much money through over-priced, completely useless PPI. William tells us he’s taken a holiday with the money and even invited his dedicated claims handler, Rex, to come with him!

Mis sold PPI Calculator

If you’ve heard about mis sold PPI then you’ll want to use a PPI claims calculator to work out how much you might be owed by your lender or bank. Here at PPIClaimsCalculator.org our entire team of advisers are our human calculators and they’re trained to give you an accurate estimation of your potential PPI refund.

Of course we could just give you a nifty form on our website, ask you to fill in a few details and give you a generic answer, the same answer that anyone would get. But we know that each PPI policy is different and was sold under different circumstances, plus: your age, employment status and well-being all affected how much you paid for cover. Hopefully you you can see why we prefer to talk to you first before accurately calculate your refund.


PPI Claims Calculator Helps Mis sold Consumers

PPI was mis sold in a number of different ways, sometimes it was simply included in loan agreement without the customer knowing, on other occasions it was compulsory to take PPI in order to get the credit. Some lenders over-priced cover and others sold it without asking about the customer’s personal situation, leading to the cover being completely useless if it was ever needed.

It is these reasons that have led to a rise in the need for PPI claims calculator services as an ever-increasing number of people are keen to find out how much they could be owed. Our PPI calculator is unique in that it comes in the form of a human! Our advisers will take a little time to understand your situation, the borrowing you took out and the details of any PPI policies that you have – then give a calculation of how much you could be owed.